What To Do About Parade Spillover in Madison Square Park?

Tuesday December 27, 2011



Photo by J.helmi

People who live or work near Madison Square Park have recently weighed in what they like and don’t like about Madison Square Park. A new survey that was conducted by Community Board 5 states that most people want to do away with parades, but add more concerts and foodie events. The NY Post states that roughly 37 percent of respondents do not like the spillover from the cities ethnic parades on Madison Avenue.

The park is one of the best kept in all of the city, and residents seem to fighting tooth and nail to keep it that way. On the contrary to the parade controversy, the NY Post also states that 75 percent of respondents love Shake Shack — a stat that we are shocked isn’t 100 percent!

The Community Board 5 Chair Vikki Barbero has stated that a task force was appointed to study the problems surrounding the parades, and to seek out more parade control to protect the park.

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