The Irreplaceable Audrey Wecera

Friday October 12, 2012


Audrey Wecera 1929 – 2012

Kew Management and our tenants mourn the passing of Audrey, the Manager of our Business Service Center, who helped all of us in every way she could.  Someone described her as “perfect goodness” and perhaps that is the only phrase that can adequately portray her.

For all those who might not have known her well, Audrey worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had what they needed — a photocopy, a piece of mail, a package, a fax — for Audrey no job was unimportant.

When someone needed something outside her line of duty, Audrey was there too.  Someone needed an afternoon candy?  Audrey was there.  Water for the FedEx and UPS carriers?  See Audrey.  Owners who’s dog needed a treat?   Audrey had a biscuit.  Someone needs to be tracked down?  Audrey was on it.

Perhaps her greatest gift to all of us was the generous “Hi’ya” she’d bellow out from the openness of her heart, with her warm smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

We all have much to learn from her.

We know that many have wanted to reach out to express their feelings and extend their wishes to her family— sons, Thomas and Richard and daughter, Donna, their spouses and children.  Please feel free to comment here.  We know that her family would appreciate it, and it is a chance for all of us to repay Audrey in a small way for all she gave us of herself.


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