See New York Through The Eyes of a Superhero

Thursday July 28, 2011

Take a New York superhero tour with The Celebrity Planet and explore iconic Superhero film locations throughout New York City, including buildings used in the Spiderman movies.

Sure, New York has tons of bus tours and walking tours to go on when visiting New York City, but this one might be the coolest — or the nerdiest depending on who you ask. The Celebrity Planet company, the ones responsible for their Harry Potter Tours in the UK, has created a pretty original way to look the city. With their launch of the New York Superhero Tour you get to see NYC through the eyes of its most famous Superheroes.

This particular walking tour hits up a lot of sites around the city, and even some in our neighborhood of NoMad and Flatiron. The locations on the tour are predominantly centered around filming locations from the latest Marvel and DC movies — such as Spider-Man and Batman. Its a great way to see some of these great locations around the city especially since the comic book as we know it was invent right here in NYC in the 1930s, and Marvel and DC Comics still have their offices located as well.

So if you are looking for some new ways to check out the city you might want to try the Superhero Tour! It’s also another great activity to get the kids involved with when visiting New York City, as kids 12 and under can attend this tour for FREE!

Thinking about going? Here’s the full itinerary for the walking tour:

Empire State Building The NY landmark has featured in countless Superhero adventures, find out which ones!
Flatiron Building Not only was this The Daily Bugle in Spider-Man, it has featured in countless other films too
Chrysler Building Spidey’s regular perch when he’s using his spider-sense, this incredible skyscraper has a long association with Superheroes
Batman The former Park Avenue offices of Batman creator Bob Kane, and Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit
Marvel Enterprises HQ Learn about the history of Marvel
Grand Central Station Find out which Superheroes have battled in this magnificent train station
Fantastic Four The ‘real’ location of the Fantastic Four’s fictitious Baxter Building
The News Building Step inside Clark Kent’s workplace, The Daily Planet offices are here
New York Public Library Where Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, ‘With great power comes great responsibility!’
Spider-Man The Green Goblin’s Gothic Manhattan mansion
United Nations Where Batman and Robin saved the Security Council from the “fearsome foursome” of Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman
The Apartments of Lernore Lemmon Was suspected of killing George “Superman” Reeves and across the street Kirk Allan (the first Superman 1948) – no they did not knew each other!
The Hidden Bar Where comic book artists have been drawing superhero cartoons on the walls since the 1960’s


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