Spring Is Here Just Look At Madison Square Park!

Thursday March 22, 2012

Daffodils are blooming in NoMad and Madison Square

Via Madison Square Park

Those familiar with Greek mythology may recall the story of Narcissus, a man so beautiful that upon seeing his own reflection in a pool of water, became mesmerized. Unable to leave the beauty of his own reflection he died. The story continues that a flower grew from the ground where he died. The flower was named Narcissus. Others say that the Narcissus gained its name for its narcotic properties, the name translated as “I grow numb” in Greek.  No matter the origin of the name, the Narcissus or as we know it, Daffodil, is indeed a beautiful flower.

The common name Daffodil is derived from “Affodell,” referring to the genusAsphodelus (another beautiful plant connected with sites of death in Greek mythology). The Dutch article “de” was added to the name when the bulb was introduced to Northern Europe and other variants such as “daffadown Dilly”, “daffadown dilly”, and “daffydowndilly” have appeared since the 16th century. You may also hear it referred to as Jonquil in the south of the Netherlands, as most of the heat tolerant cultivars stem from the species Narcissus jonquilla.


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