Pietro Scott-Jovane Talks Rizzoli and St. James Building on CNN

Wednesday September 10, 2014

Pietro Scott-Jovane, CEO of RCS MediaGroup, discusses Rizzoli's move to NoMad with CNN's Richard Quest

RCS MediaGroup CEO Pietro Scott-Jovane appeared on CNN Monday to discuss the challenges facing publishers in today’s digital world and why Rizzoli would be reopening its traditional bookstore in our St. James Building. The iconic Rizzoli Bookstore, which had shuttered doors at its popular 57th Street location in April, announced plans to reopen the store in NoMad.

The St. James Building, located at 1133 Broadway, provides Rizzoli with a number of key benefits: 5,000 square feet of prime retail real-estate, Gilded-Age architecture which echoes the sophisticated grandeur of the Rizzoli brand, proximity to complementary businesses like Eataly, Marimekko and Lego, as well as access to NoMad’s bustling pedestrian traffic.

Scott-Jovane said in his interview with CNN’s Richard Quest, “We saw… an opportunity to connect with the newer generations – the creatives – and we’ve now decided to announce that we’ll be opening the new store in the north of Madison Square area on Broadway… we’ll be opening in Spring 2015.”

We’re excited to welcome Rizzoli into 1133 Broadway and bring this great resource to the neighborhood.

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