Pet Sounds The Madison Square Art Exhibit Opens

Tuesday May 1, 2012

Pet Sounds Madison Square Park Art

The Madison Park Conservancy is preparing a surprise for us again this year, as it has done for many summers now.  Following Gormley’s Event Horizon and Plensa’s Echo, both of which transformed the park, Pet Sounds, will be unveiled on May 2nd.   The exciting site-specific work by acclaimed California artist Charles Long will dominate the Oval Lawn of Madison Square Park through September 9th.

Vibrantly colored pipe railings will wind across the lawn, and as they reach a common seating area, they will flow into a series of unique fantastic forms.  Viewers will not only be able to interact with the forms, but also visitors will be able to create a variety of sounds and vibrations by “petting” the forms.

Long has said of his piece that it creates a place “”where something as familiar and literally grounding as a handrail morphs into an un-nameable blob that has a very physical presence with some power to dialog with the viewer’s own somatic sense.”

Charles Long’s work has been show in some of the art museums in the country, including the MoMA, Whitney, Hirshborn, Orange Country Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Be sure to cruise by NoMad to check out the installation in Madison Square Park — but in the meantime here are a couple of more amazing images of Pet Sounds.

Pet Sounds for Mad Sq Art

Charles Long Pet Sounds at Mad Sq Park




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