NoMad Then and Now

Saturday February 26, 2011


“The Haymarket” by John Sloan

Manhattan Unlocked had a fantastic portrayal of the NoMad area, showcasing this neighborhoods evolution throughout the years. Today NoMad is being talked about as one of the premier neighborhoods in Manhattan, but just a few years ago it was at the epicenter of the counterfeit garment district!

In the Gilded Age of the 1880s and 90s, Fifth Avenue and Broadway were lined with fine hotels, theaters and restaurants. And then literally across Broadway was the old Haymarket, the most notorious dance hall/brothel in the Tenderloin. So a cultural divide in this neighborhood was ever-present. The article is fascinating historical look at NoMad’s constantly changing visitors and residents.

From the amazing buildings like The Gilsey House to the grimy dance halls that lined the Tenderloin district, this article has it all! Definitely worth the read, and gives you even more insight into the facinating neighborhood we call home.

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