NoMad Pastry Chef Talks Milk Desserts

Friday January 11, 2013

NoMad pastry chef

For a sweet friday, we thought we’d share a fun read from the Wall Street Journal. Earlier today, the WSJ published a piece about “daring new” milk-based desserts. They happened to feature one of our neighborhood’s top pastry chefs! The NoMad restaurant pastry chef Mark Welker talked about his “Milk & Honey” dessert.

Welker states, “there’s milk, oats, honey and crunch.” He then “fashions milk, the dessert’s starring ingredient, into ice cream, as well as wafer-like crisps he creates by blending milk until foamy.” Afterwards, he lets it dehydrate over night.

Some other restaurants featured in the article include Momofuku, C+M and Uchiko. Head over to the Wall Street Journal to read all about some crazy new desserts sweeping the nation!

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