NoMad New York City – So Where Is It?

Tuesday November 29, 2011

Map of NoMad New York

We are constantly being asked about NoMad, and how it fits into the landscape of New York City. To many of you NoMad might be a “new” area, but in truth it has always been here, just without a proper name! Over the course of the next few weeks we have put together a series of posts that will explore the neighborhood, defining its boundaries, and explaining it’s past, present, and future. In this first installment we look at where the neighborhood of NoMad lies within New York City..

The area at or around Madison Park is what makes up NoMad, as far back as 1999 The New York Times were defining NoMad as extending from 23rd Street to 34th Street, between Madison and Second Avenue. Some major publications have since refined the area slightly, but the main guidelines still remain. As of 2010 New York Magazine, was calling NoMad the area that sat between Broadway to Park Avenue and from 23rd to 34th Streets.

Now this area has always existed, but in recent times it has not had a defined identity. The area we now know as NoMad went by many titles in the past, but no one neighborhood label was fitting to the vastness of the area. If you called this large area simply Flatiron, Madison Park, Chelsea or Gramercy you’re missing the point! The identity of the area is completely unique, deserving it’s own title since it encompasses at least small parts of all of the affronted places.

NoMad had become a forgotten neighborhood in New York, once a bustling cultural epicenter with ties to the design, music, and cultural industries — it became a shadow of its former state. However, since the neighborhood has been redefined as NoMad, we have seen an amazing rebirth. Upscale nightlife thanks to trendy hotels like the Ace, NoMad Hotel (opening 2012) and the Ganesvoort has made NoMad a premier destination. Fine establishments like Eleven Madison Park, The Breslin, and Blue Smoke have catapulted the neighborhood into a must visit for foodies around the globe. This coupled with the cultural impact of technology and design firms flocking to the neighborhood as it remains one of the integral neighborhoods defining Silicon Alley here in NYC!

Now that you know where it is, I bet you can’t wait to find out more about it! Well, we have plenty more of these “NoMad New York City” installments on the way, keep tuned to StreetBeat!

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