NoMad and Haymarket In the News Again

Friday February 3, 2012

Map of NoMad and Haymarket in New York City
via Manhattan Unlocked

We have discussed the Haymarket and the Tenderloin district in previous posts — citing the cultural relevance of this once bustling “nightlife” destination. During the Gilded Age, Broadway was literally the dividing line between the fine culture of The Fifth Avenue Hotel and the seedy nightlife that embodied the Haymarket — with all of this going on in the neighborhood we now call NoMad. It’s a fascinating story!

One of our favorite blogs, Manhattan Unlocked, recently featured an excellent piece on the Haymarket and the impact of NoMad in recent years. In our previous posts we have given a fairly good description of the neighborhood and how it has evolved, but this post is excellent and you must check it out!

Reading historical pieces about NoMad is probably one of our favorite pastimes, but articles such as this one really excite us because of the emphasis on the future. It was not long ago that this neighborhood was a forgotten area between Midtown and Madison Square Park, but now we on the cusp of an amazing revitalization.

As Manhattan Unlocked explained in the article, the concept of NoMad has been in use as far back as 1991, but it takes time for this city to recognize change. Now with the NoMad Hotel opening in a matter of weeks, as well as the prominence of Ace Hotel, Eleven Madison Park and others transforming this neighborhood, the sky is the limit and we can’t wait to see the progress NoMad NYC!

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