New Exhibition Gives Us A Look At NoMad in The Early 1900s

Monday October 24, 2011


New York City as a subject has always attracted artists, from painters to photographers and sculptors, they constantly depict our famous metropolis in their art. There is a fantastic new exhibit currently taking place in Upstate New York’s Katonah Museum titled, “New York, New York! The Twentieth Century,” which is on view now through Dec. 31. The exhibition gathers city-themed works by some wonderful artists, including Berenice Abbott, Diane Arbus, Stuart Davis, Andreas Feininger, William Gropper, Childe Hassam, Edward Hopper, John Marin, Reginald Marsh, Edward Steichen, and others.

Included in this bunch is Edward Steichen’s 1905 photograph of the Flatiron Building (pictured above), which is perhaps the best known work displayed in “New York, New York!” The beautiful iconic shot depicts the New York of yesteryear, with an iconic building we know so well today at it’s forefront. It’s a wonderful representation of our neighborhood NoMad, giving us a look downtown, through the park, towards the amazing Flatiron Building that still highlights our focal point to this day.  The image shows the city’s old-fashioned wonder, juxtaposed with the new buildings of its day beginning to dominate the New York City skyline.

“New York, New York!” is truly a fun exhibition for anyone interested in the imagery and history of New York City, and it also gave us a great glimpse of the neighborhood that we call our home.

For more information on the exhibits, visit The Katonah Museum’s website.


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