Mayor Bloomberg Visits Silicon Alley

Friday April 13, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg who visited Silicon Alley this week

Earlier this week, Mayor Bloomberg came down to Silicon Alley in NoMad New York to talk about green and solar power initiatives in NYC. Mayor Bloomberg spoke about how his energy changes will save the city $32 million annually in energy costs. NYC has upped its solar production to 648 kilowatts at 10 different sites, resulting in power for 143,000 households and removing 205 metric tons of carbon emissions.

The fact that Mayor Bloomberg chose NoMad New York for this announcement should come as no surprise.  NoMad is the home of Silicon Alley, featuring many of the city’s tech start-ups and companies. Bloomberg said:

“You can have an awful lot of more teachers, police officers and firefighters for $32 million. Certainly clean-tech makes good business and environmental sense. Our administration, as you know, is committed to working with the private sector to build upon the city’s investment in clean-tech.”

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