Mayor Bloomberg Inaugurates Event Horizon

Tuesday March 23, 2010


Addressing a host of international TV, radio and print media, neighborhood residents, business owners and community leaders gathered in Madison Square Park, Mayor Bloomberg officially welcomed Event Horizon and renowned artist Antony Gormley to New York City.

In introducing Mr. Gormley, Bloomberg stressed New York’s commitment to bring thought inspiring art to the city and predicted that this adventurous installation would be “a powerful magnet” destined “to attract visitors from far and wide.” Using this exhibit as a prism, he encouraged New Yorkers to look at their Flatiron, Chelsea, Nomad and Gramercy neighborhoods with fresh eyes.

Making a long overdue U.S. debut with this work, Gormley thanked New York “for this opportunity to ask in a simple way very big questions: What is the world? What’s our place in it? Maybe getting people actively engaged in asking these questions is a way of being part of the picture.”

Visibly touched by the reaction of New Yorkers to his work, Gormley particularly thanked “all the building owners for giving this project their blessing.” He was moved by the cooperation rendered by New York City, the Madison Square Park Conservancy and scores of supportive members of the community.

He noted a striking contrast to the reception of this exhibit in his own homeland. He petitioned 130 buildings in London for only 27 installations. The proportion of NYC building acceptances far exceeded those in London. Many building owners such as Kew Management, which has provided a home to two of Gormley’s statues, one each at 1123 and 1133 Broadway, generously permitted and helped facilitate rooftop installations.

In addition to the MayorBloomberg and Mr. Gormley, Madison Square Park Conservancy president, Debbie Landau and its chairman, David Berliner spoke.

Media from around the world flocked to the March 23 press conference that officially inaugurated Antony Gormley’s groundbreaking installation to New York City. Gormley (second from right) towered above the reporters gathered around him against a backdrop of buildings on the southwest corner of Madison Square Park.

Gormley with Leslie Spira Lopez, President and CEO of Kew Management. He thanked the property owners for their generosity in providing homes for his statues, including the two placed atop Ms. Lopez’s landmark St. James and Townsend buildings in Nomad.

Gormley’s likeness and the real Gormley frame Mayor Bloomberg at the press conference. The installation, noted Bloomberg, “will be a thrill” and is “wonderful news for this lively community with its many shops and restaurants, several of which are offering tie-ins” with the project.

Leslie Spira Lopez and Tony May, owner of SD26, a well-known and hugely popular Nomad restaurant, have enthusiastically supported the installation of Event Horizon.

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