Madison Square Park’s Next Art Installation by Charles Long

Friday March 2, 2012

Charles Long's Pet Sounds In Madison Park

Madison Square Park has announced their next art installation this week, reporting that acclaimed California-based artist Charles Long will have the honor. His work, entitled Pet Sounds, will be on public display starting May 2nd and running all the way through September 9 2012. Madison Park explains that Pet Sounds will introduce a snaking network of vibrantly colored pipe railings creating new paths as they wind across the park’s landscape.

The shapes, as you can see above, look really cool and will surly create an amazing atmosphere in the already amazing landscape in the park. Madison Park explained the work suggesting, “each blob suggests a different set of associations, their uncanny semblances remain wonderfully elusive. As viewers smooth their hands over the undulating biomorphic surfaces, the act of touching produces a variety of sounds and vibrations coming from within the sculptural forms.”

The Artist Charles Young explains the work:

“My re-occurring interest in the uncanny over many years is in full effect here in the Pet Sounds project where something as familiar and literally grounding as a handrail morphs into an unnamable blob that has a very physical presence with some power to dialog with the viewer’s own somatic sense. As one pets the blobs, a wide range of sounds are triggered and are coming from within the bodies of the forms. The sounds and the sculptural forms connect to the physicality of the viewer and by extension to those of others that are touching the work. I wanted the work to be as visually affecting to park visitors as it is a physical and aural experience for them. I can’t wait to see people sitting on a park bench next to one of these bright orange blobs. Generally, when I look at people looking at my sculptures I just see more sculpture. With Madison Square Park’s almost maze-like repeating patterns of arching pathways, and the way people and their pets are leisurely enjoying these splendid green spaces, I hope I might be an interloper into the park visitors’ unconscious, into what Freud has called the ‘free floating attention.’ I like the idea of Pet Sounds becoming a part of the collective memory, and even dreams, of the unique experiences of New York City.”

We can’t wait to see his work, and can’t wait for spring in the Madison Square Park, it’s one of our favorite destinations in NoMad!

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