Madison Square Park and NoMad Continue to Turn Heads

Monday July 23, 2012

Madison Square Park Now
Madison Square Park Now

The Wall Street Journal is the latest in a long list of publications showcasing the amazing revitalization around Madison Square Park and NoMad. There is so much happening around the area, with Madison Square Park becoming the crown jewel right in the middle of NoMad and the Flatiron Districts.

The WSJ spoke to David Berliner of The Madison Square Park Conservancy, where he discussed moving to the area in 1993 and doing anything he could to avoid the park. Now the park is full of amazing events, Shake Shack, and is an oasis for us here in NoMad. The area is really on the rise and is reporting that the average residential sale price has jumped by 127% since 2004!

Old Pictures of Madison Square Park

The article also does a great job of discussing the history of Madison Square, and Danny Meyer explains that it was history that drew him to the area in the first place. He was inspired by the novel “The Alienist,” which depicts the park during the Gilded Age. The characters in the book frequented Delmonico’s, and Danny Meyer soon learned that the actual owner, Charlie Delmonico, used his restaurants to propel development. This lead Danny Meyer to essentially do the same thing for our area.

Now food events and art dominate our neighborhood and we are so excited to see people catching on, and recognizing our growth.


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