Monday May 14, 2012


Location, location, location

When developing a criteria list for choosing your new office, there are four key criteria you should consider: 1) Where it should be, 2) What size it should be, 3) Special needs you have, and 4) The type of building that fits your company and its image.

Let’s take a look at some things to consider when choosing your new location:

Close to Clients

Do you need to be in a specific location to be accessible to the core of your client base?  For examples: In midtown or downtown near the financial industry?

Service Sources

Does your company need special support services, such as photographers, financial printing firms, film editors, and are there parts of the city that would make coordinating these services easier, simply because they are concentrated there?

Near Subways

Is the office accessible to bike lanes and to subway and bus lines? How do these routes align with the homes of your current employees and your clients’ offices?

Access from Outside the City

Do you need to be accessible to firms outside of the city or do your employees live in the suburbs. What commuter lines, tunnels, bridges, and garages would it be helpful for you to be near?


Would you like to be near a park, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, parking, etc.?  How could these amenities help you recruit staff and make your employees happier in their jobs?


Recently Grey advertising moved into NoMad from Midtown.  Employees refer to their former midtown digs as the “Deathstar,” because of the sterility of the modern office tower they were in and the blandness of corporate midtown.  Among the firm’s reasons for moving to NoMad was to be near the wealth of creative and technical resources in the area, the liveliness of the area, the unique spaces available in landmark buildings, nearness to transportation lines and the beauty of Madison Square Park with its roster of events for children, families, and singles interested in food, music, art or simply a lunch in the sun.

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Finding a small office in New York City that fits your needs and budget is a daunting task — so is planning and executing your move.  This is why we are offering you all of the information you need to move into a small office today — we are introducing an easy guide to help you through the entire process from deciding on what you need to logistics of the move itself.  Click here for the full article.


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