Hotel Roger is NoMad’s Newest Hotel

Tuesday June 19, 2012

View from the Roger Hotel Terrace in NoMad District
















Via MadParkNews

Yet another hotel is opening up in the NoMad District, this time it is a re-launch of the Hotel Roger at 131 Madison Avenue and 31st Street. The newly refurbished hotel was redsesigned under the leadership of John Flannigan, and was done for a cool $12 million.

If the hotel sounds familiar, that’s because it originally opened in 2004, but with the resurgence of hotels in the NoMad area (Ace Hotel, Nomad Hotel, MAve Hotel, Flatiron Hotel), the property got a full upgrade to compete with the others. The key people involved in the re-design included “hospitality guru Steven Kamali (Capri, Thompson Hotels, Rushmeyers, Surf Lodge, Nobu, many more), designer Anna Busta (W South Beach), mixologist Johnny Swet (Jimmy, Hotel Griffou), and chef Julie Farias (Goat Town).”

The newly designed hotel looks great, and we are really exicited to see even more choice for coming to NoMad.

Check out some of the before and after photos!

Before                                                                                             After

Before and After the re-design at the Roger Hotel


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