Filmmaker Casey Neistat Fliming in Madison Park

Thursday March 15, 2012

Casey Neistat Filming BIke Thief in Madsion Square Park

Documentary filmmaker Casey Neistat has some of the coolest contemporary documentaries that we have ever seen. He is well know for having an HBO series with his brother, aptly titled The Neistat Brothers, and over the past year or so he has released a steady stream of really cool short films, or what he calls public service announcements.

Along with being a filmmaker he is also a huge proponent for bike safety, and bike culture in general, his video on bike lanes (featured below) has been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. His latest endeavor is a very clever  short film on bike theft, and is currently running in the Op-Doc section of the New York Times. The video is a comical look at how easy it is to steal a bike in New York, and how little anyone really seems to care.

The video is cool, but we were delighted to see Madison Square Park used as one of the areas in his film. After watching this we will have to say that this is not a representation us good samaritans in NoMad. You really can’t blame the 6 year old kid that witnessed the bike theft, as we really don’t think he knew what was going on, he was just enjoying not getting yelled at for climbing on the railings!

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