Wednesday July 18, 2012


Is this THE Space?

Once you have narrowed down your office space choices based on the criteria you’ve established (see our Tip 2 on this blog), it is a good idea to sit in each of the office spaces you have chosen as possible candidates and really get a sense of what they are like.  Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the office noisy or quiet?
  • What’s outside the windows of the office space; any potential issues now or in the future?
  • Is the light good or potentially too strong at any point in the day?
  • Is the office space you are choosing hot, cold, drafty?
  • If there are common bathrooms on the floor, what are they like?
  • Talk to the neighbors about what they like and don’t like about the office building.
  • What do other tenants think of the landlord/management and the services provided?
  • Do the neighbors seem helpful, quiet, and professional?
  • How is the elevator service?  Try it a few times.
  • What other amenities are offered?
  • Take a walk around the block and around the neighborhood.


A new tenant just signed a lease in one of our buildings and they sent us a note telling us how thrilled they were with the assistance that our building and office staff provided in helping them set up their office, move in and get settled.  They had never experience this type of attention in their previous office spaces.

This attention to service is probably due in part to the fact that our buildings are family-owned and are closely managed in a way that buildings managed by large corporations aren’t.  Details like this can make a big difference in day-to-day life in a building, and these are just the type of nuances that are hard to uncover without speaking to existing tenants who know the building thoroughly.

Make Sure To Read Our Office Space Moving Guide

Finding a small office in New York City that fits your needs and budget is a daunting task — so is planning and executing your move.  This is why we are offering you all of the information you need to move into a small office today — we are introducing an easy guide to help you through the entire process from deciding on what you need to logistics of the move itself.  Click here for the full article.

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