Big Win For MoMath Design in NoMad and Flatiron

Monday January 30, 2012

Museum of Mathematics in Flatiron New York

The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans this week to redesign the façade of the new Museum of Math here in NoMad, this coming just after community board members had initially rejected it.

The Community Board 5 landmarks committee here in NoMad and Flatiron told the museum’s architects that their design for Museum of Mathematics was “too modern” for the surrounding Madison Square North Historic District.

Cindy Lawrence, the museum’s chief of operations told DNAInfo of the approval, “not only [did they] approved it, but really commended us and the architects for coming up with a tasteful design.”

The approval was a huge relief for Lawrence, who said the community board’s rejection was “sort of like a knife in the heart after all the hours we spent.”

The designers went back to the table and made changes to the design — for instance they incorporated additional bronze so that it keept with the historic work on the building. They also continued to embrace technology, but keeping it in the same vein as the rest of the area, they also adjusted the placement of a computer screen in the front window to make it appear more integrated into the overall design.

Permission to move forward with the façade redesign was an important step in the process of  finally opening MoMath here in NoMad. It has been a space that we are so eager to see and we are very excited to have it as a part of this growing neighborhood.





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