Area Establishments Featured in NY Mag’s “Best of NY”

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Many NoMad establishments were featured in New York Magazine Best of New York 2013

Earlier this month, New York Magazine published their annual “Best of New York” issue. To no surprise, many of our wonderful NoMad area establishments were featured.

Maysville took home the “best grits” category. “Our pick for best new grits dish consists of five deep-fried croutons fashioned from coarsely ground upstate corn, each one glued to a splotch of Old Crow-spiked mayo and wearing a little do-rag of scrunched-up sliced-to-order Kentucky ham.” Maysville is located at 17 W. 26th St.

The NoMad restaurant was honored in the “roast chicken” category. Chef Daniel Humm’s restaurant is known for their roast chicken and this accolade comes as no surprise. The NoMad is located on Broadway near 28th St within The NoMad Hotel.

Hanjan was praised for their Korean spicy ramyun. “Hooni Kim modeled this twelve-hour broth of chicken, fish and pork on Korea’s best-selling brand of instant soup. The red, pepper-flecked liquid arrives with a tangle of bean sprouts, an ultrafresh egg, and soft pork slices.” It is important to note that this dish is only served after 10pm! Hanjan is located at 26th St near 6th Avenue.

Other NoMad area establishments that were featured include Pisco Bar and the Museum of Mathematics. Congrats to everyone involved!

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