Office Space in Flatiron and NoMad: The Benefits to You

Office Space in Flatiron and NoMad: The Benefits to You

Office Space in Flatiron

Flatiron and NoMad have a special, highly positive relationship with each other. NoMad has become the center of the creative arts in New York and a predominance of tech firms occupy office space in Flatiron. The combination is likely to result in heightened prosperity and popularity in both neighborhoods for decades to come.

One of the reasons Grey Advertising gives for choosing office space in Flatiron/NoMad is because of the many writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, film houses and Web marketing/tech firms in the immediate area.

These allied fields began concentrating in NoMad over the past fifteen years and there is an increasing number of these firms moving into the area each year. In fact, We are Nomad, was formed to promote these local creative art and service firms.

Because NYC has overtaken Boston as the country’s second most powerful tech center and the city has made an historic financial commitment to overtake Silicon Valley, Flatiron and its Silicon Alley will likely continue to grow in importance.

The creative arts and services already concentrated in NoMad increasingly depend on the latest technology to create and communicate with their audiences. This will likely result in a creative/tech complex of a size and impact never experienced anywhere before.

It is a fortunate confluence that offers those taking office space in Flatiron and NoMad a unique opportunity to be at the center of it all.