Mad. Sq. Art: Guiseppe Penone “Ideas of Stone”

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guiseppe penone ideas of stone in madison square park

The next Mad. Sq. Art public art installation will be Guiseppe Penone’s Ideas of Stone, which will run this fall in Madison Square Park, from September 26th to February 9th.

Ideas of Stone will consist of three monumental bronze trees. Each tree will be over 40 feet tall and will interact with Madison Square Park’s natural landscape.

Throughout his 40+ year career, Guiseppe Penone has worked in the space between natural materials and forms, while exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

Of the fall show in the park, Penone said “it is with great anticipation that I have planned for the exhibition of my work in Madison Square Park. A tree summarizes in an exemplary way the contrast between two forces: the force of gravity and the weight of life we are part of. The need and the search for balance, which exists in every living being to counteract the force of gravity, is evident in every step and in every small action of our lives. It is a river stone that appears amid the branches of a tree. A stone suspended amid the branches of a tree, separated from the soil by a structure that is not land and is not air, a stone that lies between the force of gravity and the force of the attraction of light.”