Joshua Bell’s Stradivarius-inspired Flatiron Penthouse

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joshua bell gives a tour of his flatiron penthouse

Real estate website Curbed NY recently published a featured walkthrough of world-renowned Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell’s NoMad/Flatiron area Penthouse. The home, located near the southern edge of Madison Square Park, is unique in that the violinist specifically requested that the designers (Charles Rose Architects) make the home look like his 300-year-old Gibson Stradivarius violin.

Take a look inside Joshua Bell's Stradivarius-inspired NoMad penthouse.

While the architects took a less literal approach, the result is impressive. The 4,000 square-foot penthouse, a former manufacturing plant, occupies two floors with large skylights, interior and exterior fireplaces and an additional rooftop terrace which features a double shower.

Joshua Bell walks you through his NoMad penthouse.


Take a look inside Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell's NoMad penthouse.