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Sales Materials and Presentations

You can get beautifully finished presentations, leave behinds, brochures and other sales materials produced in the Business Center. Some examples of the binding and finishing techniques are shown on this page.

With the Xerox C75 Digital Color Press, the Center produces digital color close to traditional offset printing, and the C75 can print a wide range of page formats.

For presentations and proposals, choose:

  • From a variety of paper stocks
  • Saddle stitch, comb binding or spiral binding in silver or black
  • A cover in clear or frosted plastic
  • A backing in black or navy

If you have specific branding or aesthetic requirements for your report or presentation, the Business Center can readily source a range of bindings, front cover and backing materials in a variety of finishes and colors.

The Business Center will help you give your marketing materials a professional look, which you can confidently present to your clients and prospects.