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Scanning and Conversion to Editable Text

Scanning documents to disk can save storage space in your office and help you organize your files. It also gives you the advantage of being able to create two or more copies of your records so that you can keep backup copies offsite for additional security.

The Center’s Xerox 75C has superior scanning capabilities. Scans are affordable and quick, and the Center offers bulk scanning discounts.

The Center can also convert scanned text to live, editable electronic text. Do you have evergreen copy that you would like to repurpose—a letter, a report, or a legal document? We can scan it for you with an extremely high level of accuracy and provide you a Word document ready to use.


If you are looking to recover storage space in your office, the Center can securely dispose of your files by shredding. All documents are placed in a locked container until they are shred.